2019 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant


April 2019 - mid-January 2020

Minneapolis, MN

Awarded by: The Northern Clay Center

Exhibition Opening Reception: TBD

Where: The Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Proposal Summary [From the NCC Website]: “Zoë Powell has been exploring local materials, which are rough and richly saturated with iron to create voluminous and elegant forms. She desires support to explore a pristine clay body, porcelain, which she believes may “showcase the inherent grace of my forms, undisturbed by color.” The jurors were equally excited by the forms Powell presented and very curious about the contrast and balance her project will result in as she brings porcelain into conversation with wild clay.”

Selected Artists: Zoë Powell, Erin Paradis, Lynn Wadsworth

Selection Panel: Jeff Schmuki, Armando Ramos, Malcolm Mobutu Smith

Emerging Artist

Ceramics Monthly Article

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Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist List 2019

Selected Artists: Janina Myronova, Nathan Willever, Ariel Bowman, Eric Heerspink, Kyla Culbertson, Dawn Candy, Donté K. Hayes, Austin Riddle, Kelsie Rudolph, Paige Wright, Scott McClellan, Raven Halfmoon, Mary Cale A. Wilson, James Lee Webb, Sasha Barrett, Bradley Klem, Zoë Powell, Elaine Buss, Sara Truman